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Highlights of the Seminar with Professor Rogerio Bracalentti, August 2015

This past weekend, August 1st and 2nd, was two days of unique training from a special guest, Professor Rogerio Bracalentti.  Professor Rogerio (black belt 3rd degree) is visiting from Gracie Barra Vinhedo, SP Brasil.  He is an old friend and training partner – more than 25 years – of Professor Ricardo (black belt 3rd degree), both training under Professor Carlos Alberto Liberi (black belt 6th degrees). Professor Rogerio led two excellent seminars, the first being adults on Saturday, and then an anti-bullying for kids and their parents on Sunday.

Saturday was full of techniques and sparring.  The adults had the opportunity to get some very close and personal one on one training and instruction with not only Professor Rogerio, but also Professor Ricardo and Professor Andrew, all accomplished black belts.  We are excited that so many were able to participate.

Sunday the kids came out with their parents, some of whom are students also.  They were able to watch, learn and simulate real life bully situations.  They were able to play and have fun and also talk through the various ways to avoid bullying and then take action when needed.  This was a great opportunity for our kids to have fun and also learn about how to help themselves and others against the real problems of bullying.

Everyone had a great time and we want to send a big “thank you” to our students, parents and our guest, Professor Rogerio Bracalentti for leading these seminars.

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