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The International Conference for Professors and Leaders, April 2015 (Campinas, SP, Brasil)

The International Conference for Professors and Leaders, which was titled “O Futuro do Ensino” or “The Future of Education”, took place this April.  The team met in Gracie Barra Campinas, SP, Brasil, one of the main schools in Brasil and also where Prof. Carlos Alberto Liberi teaches.  It took place over a two day period, the 24th and 25th, and had 150 professors, masters and leaders from various GB Schools attending.  They were present to learn about the most up to date techniques and strategies to improve our GB schools and classes.  The key speakers included prestigious and respected Master Carlos Gracie Jr., Master Mauricio Robbe de Almeida, Master Frederico Pimentel, Master Pascoal Duarte, Prof. Marcio Feitosa, Prof. Flavio Almeida, Prof. Marco Joca, Prof. Carlos Alberto Liberi, Prof. Itacio Lisboa, Prof. Jefferson Moura, Prof. Alexandre Marciano and Prof. Henrique Machado.  It was an incredible opportunity to absorb the gems of wisdom formed over many years and through many experiences of jiu-jitsu.  It was a compressed learning course and also a time for team bonding and team building for the many black belts in attendance.

Our head instructor, Prof. Ricardo Moraes, was able to attend the conference representing Gracie Barra North Austin.   For him it was an extra special feeling and opportunity.  The GB school in Campinas was where he trained and learned about the philosophies and teachings of Master Carlos Gracie Sr. from Prof. Carlos Alberto Liberi.

At the end of the two days he was able to witness the epic moment when our Master Carlos Gracie Jr. received his 8th degree red and white belt!  For all of us that represent the red shield, and call Gracie Barra home, we were excited and proud to see this honor bestowed on someone so deserving.  He is a man of character.  Someone who is humble and giving and we are thankful for this legacy which he has been spreading throughout the world.

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