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Highlights of the Seminar with Itacio Lisboa

We are very proud and honored to have had the great Professor Itacio Lisboa, Black Belt 4th Degree, who is the regional director in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, come and do a seminar with our students. He traveled from his hometown in Natal, RN to Austin, TX to teach a great seminar for our students at Gracie Barra North Austin the end of March. He stayed with us 12 days, hanging out with Professor Ricardo Moraes and the GBNA team, checking out our “weird” city. We learned much about Gracie Barra philosophy and character as well as had a great time rolling and sparring. We want to share some photos of our time with him and say “Thank You” to him and his family for their kindness and support.

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“Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone”




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